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8 Healthy & Tasty Eats for the New Year

Posted by Jonah Creed on

If you need to cleanse yourself of the excesses of the holiday, we’ve got you covered. These tasty and healthy picks will revitalize your body and mind for 2022. 

From superfoods and antioxidant-rich eats to guilt-free snacks and heart-healthy meals, we’ve got everything you need to feel fit and fabulous this year. 

1. Go Go Green Smoothie Pucks

For a cleansing and refreshing breakfast option, these smoothie pucks from Nutes are where it's at! Simply add your liquid of choice to these super green superfood smoothie pucks with a tropical power twist. Enjoy coconut, pineapple, and banana blended with spinach, kale, chia seeds, and hemp. A healthy delight!

2. Nufs Brownie Soft-Baked Energy Bites

Keep those mid-afternoon hunger pangs at bay with superfood energy bites from Nufs. Their flavourful brownie bites of energy-packed goodness are chewy, fudgy and decadently dark chocolatey. Lightly sweetened, plant-based, grain-free and nutrient-dense, these bites are a great source fibre and satisfying to boot.

3. Atlantic Canadian Salmon

There's no doubt about it - salmon is bursting with nutrients. It's low in saturated fat, a good source of protein and one of the best sources of vitamin B12. Try our Atlantic salmon grilled, poached, barbequed or broiled. Marinate it in our homemade sweet and spicy Tao sauce for a wicked salmon stir-fry.

4. Modern Meat Plant-Based Meatballs

Inspired by the traditional Mediterranean meatball, Modern Meat takes sundried tomatoes and soaks them in a rich mushroom broth. They work the mixture into a crumble and combine with aromatic Greek spices like cumin, fresh herbs and vegan cheese. These meatballs are bold, flavourful and loaded with protein to fuel your body.

5. Almond Nut Butter

Almond butter is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are essential for your health. Made with fresh almonds ground smooth in-store, this almond butter from The Roasted Nut is great in smoothies, yogurt, Asian dipping sauces and homemade energy bars!

6. Lemon Ginger Rooibos Genuine Tea

Genuine Tea Co's lemon ginger rooibos tea is grown in the mountainous Cederberg region in the western cape of South Africa. This tea is caffeine-free, high in antioxidants and has a sweet, earthy flavour. Blended with spicy cut ginger and lemon, it's perfect for relaxing your mind and body morning, noon or night.

7. Handfuel Raw Nuts & Wild Berries

If you're looking to make healthier choices throughout the day, you'll want to keep this heavenly mix of raw nuts and dried fruit from Handfuel close at hand. Enjoy dried cranberries, blueberries and strawberries combined with walnuts and pecans. Try them on their own, or add them to your morning yogurt for a nutty and fruity treat.

8. Creeds Carrot & Cumin Soup

There's nothing quite as heartwarming as the flavour combination of sweet carrots and warm, earthy cumin. Not to mention that this soup is jam-packed with heart-healthy nutrients, antioxidants and fibre. Our simple recipe includes carrots, cumin, onion, vegetable stock and seasoning. Perfectly for a healthy lunch on a cold January day. 

Can't find what you need or want more help picking out healthy eats to put in your cart? Get in touch with Creeds Concierge, who will help select the tastiest and most nutritious foods selected just for you. 

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