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The 2019 growing season was warmer and less windy than usual. This meant during the crucial flowering stage, pollination was a lot lighter than usual. Fortunately, we had the ability to call on Allan Scott and his 44yrs of growing grapes and making wine across the country.

Careful planning and meticulous attention in the vineyard kept our grapes growing to their full potential. We’ve been pleased with the quality of good, evenly ripened fruit with solid brix numbers across the varieties

The highly skilled and multinational team in the winery has produced another fantastic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. The grapes are machine harvested and immediately pressed in the cool of the night. The juice is maintained at cool temperatures to ensure the aromatics are not lost.

Cleared juice is then fermented to dryness at cool temperatures with specifically selected yeasts. We then selected the pick of the tanks for blending into a wonderful fresh expression for bottling.

Fresh, zesty, juicy and full, this fruit-driven new world style wine will excite the senses without the racy overload. Tropical fruit with a fresh herbaceous character balanced with zesty passionfruit and a dry finish, this wine will take you straight back to the warmer summer days.

Always sensational with fresh Marlborough seafood, or try with all types of Pacific Rim fare.

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