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Bourbon has always been one of our favorite pairings with dark chocolate. Thus, the idea emerged to source a bourbon barrel as an aging medium for our chocolate. We chose Woodford Reserve’s distillery as the source of this barrel for reasons both personal and flavorful. The charred American Oak barrel, naturally rich with vanillins and now gently impregnated with the aromas of Bourbon whisky, proved to be a wonderful aging vessel for Ecuadorian dark chocolate. It brings out notes of honey and vanilla in the chocolate, as well as a subtle touch of winter spices.



Nose: Dark fruits, winter spices (clove, black pepper), and delicate oak.

Palate: Rich nutty cacao, plum and cherry, honey, hints of vanilla and clove, toasty wood.

Finish: Nutty and buttery fruits with traces of smoke and oak.

Pairing recommendations:

Any of the Bourbons from Woodford Reserve are the most obvious choice, although American Rye whiskies and single malts from Speyside also pair very nicely. Any spirit with rich, caramel notes—such as añejo Tequila and certain Cognacs—pair just as beautifully. Sweet fortified wines and a wide range of soft and semi-soft cheeses are also highly recommended, ranging from Brie to Gruyère and Gouda.


Ingredients: 76% Cacao beans, cane sugar

Variety: Heirloom Nacional

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