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Fresh-pressed ginger juice and lemon juice are blended to produce a perfectly balanced sipper. Bracing and slightly spicy.


Mead is the world's oldest alcoholic beverage, made when the sugars in honey ferment into booze. It's been around longer than wine, and was celebrated by the Ancient Greeks as "the nectar of the gods."

RCM is a modern take—a "session mead" that is dry, crisp and relatively low ABV (3.5% - 5.5%). We make our meads with honey sourced from a family-run apiary near Prince Edward County, Ontario, and fresh-pressed juices, also sourced from Ontario when possible. (We add yeast—to kick-start the fermentation—and literally nothing else.) The product is unpasteurized and unfiltered—basically, as simple and natural as booze can get. The result is something that is low in calories and sugar, naturally gluten-free, and we think, incredibly delicious.

What's more is that mead is the world's most sustainable alcohol: RCM's products have a tiny carbon footprint, and our bees pollinate roughly 185,000 wildflowers for every single can we produce.* Tasty beverages and a healthier, more vital ecosystem? We can drink to that.

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