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Marinated mussels from Galicia by Conservas Cambados

Big juicy marinated mussels - 'Mejillones en escabeche' from Galicia, Spain, which are a favourite in the bars and restaurants of the country. The mussels are first steamed, then lightly pickled in a marinade (originally dating back to Roman times) of olive oil, wine vinegar and spices like peppercorns, paprika and bay leaves, which gently flavour the mussels. Wonderful plump mussels, hand cleaned, and sauteed in olive oil briefly in a hot skillet. Selected according to size and hand-packed for your dining pleasure.


Gluten free product
Origin: Galicia, Spain

Ingredients: Mussels (8-12 mussels per tin), Olive oil, vinegar, wine, salt, natural flavor, bay leaf. All natural, no preservatives. 

Allergy advice: contains molluscs.

Weight: 111 grams in a metal tin