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NEGRONI, DILLONS (187.5ml - single bottle)

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Classic premium cocktails made from the authentic and high-quality spirits and ingredients you've come to trust from Dillon's.

Bottled cocktail, who dis? Want to be the next star at your cocktail party but don't want to worry about playing bartender all night?  Well we have you covered with the Dillon's Negroni.  Our favourite Italian inspired cocktail is now a no fuss bevvie to be enjoyed all year round


ALC/VOL: 18.4%

BASE: Dry Gin 7, Sweet Vermouth, Bitter Aperitivo

FINISHING: Serve over ice with orange peel (optional)




Crafted using Dillon's Dry Gin 7 (Traditional London Dry style Gin with just 7 botanicals), Sweet Vermouth and Professor Dillon's Aperitivo liqueur


Dry Gin 7 - created by redistilling the neutral base, while 7 botanicals are in the vapour colum.  The botanical recipe- including juniper, citrus, cardamom, coriander and angelica, is focused on balance. By distilling the base through the botanicals as a vapour rather than steeping, a light but flavorful spirit is created.

Vermouth - using Wormwood Absinthium grown at Dillon's as the backbone, with a delicate balance of vanilla, cinchona, gentian, sarsaparilla and citrus, we are proud to present our Niagara Vermouth. Coloured and sweetened using burnt sugar, this sweet Vermouth has the perfect balance of bitter and sweet with hints of orange peel and vanilla on the finish.

Bitter Aperitivo - crafted my macerating citrus, rhubarb, wormwood, violets and a touch of cinnamon in our rye spirit base, this is our take on the classic Italian style bitter.


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