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Fresh & Rustic

Garage Wine Co was literally started in a garage in 2001, by Etobicoke expat Derek Mossman and his wife Pilar Miranda. Since then, the dynamic duo have chosen to revive old vineyards in marginalized Chilean communities. They work mostly in the regions of Maule and Itata where they make highly coveted wines.

For years, Derek and Pilar watched as the small farmers with whom they grow the parcel wines were forced to accept prices fixed [illegally] by agro-giants far below their costs for working the earth. So they developed Single Ferments as a dignified means of getting more of their wonderful fruit made into wine for export.

The Single Ferment Series wines include fruit from more than one parcel or vineyard site and are co-fermented in one single tank. This wine is made with Pais from Portezuelo, and it's called '215 BC Ferment', because Pais was being cultivated in the region 215 years before Cabernet Sauvignon was documented for the first time. The wine is super fresh and clean. It is also soft, floral, slightly rustic and with a special finesse.

Perfect to sip on its own. Serve it a bit chill to quench your thirst. Perfect to pair with a light dinner and a good chat.

  • Red Wine
  • País
  • Sustainable
  • Dry
  • Light Bodied
  • 750ml
  • 12.9% alc./vol

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