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This Cacaosuyo Piura Milk is a high cocoa milk bar that combines a smooth melt with a thick and fudge-like texture. The vibrant fruits of Cacaosuyo’s Piura dark take on a sweeter, almost caramelised flavour. A little fermented tang from the milk, cuts through the bar and balances out the sweetness. The bar has a long and irresistible raisin finish with hints of butterscotch.

This milk uses the same rare criollo cacao as its Piura dark bar. Grown in the region of the same name near the beans are naturally very pale, with a fine delicate aroma. Cacaosuyo is meticulous when it comes to sourcing its beans. It doesn’t simply buy beans but actually selects the trees from which to harvest the pods. It also tests any new specimens of cacao it receives to check the beans’ genetics.

Cacaosuyo is a chocolate maker with a simple mission: to make the best chocolate in Peru. That’s a lofty ambition, but the Cacaosuyo team have devoted the last three years of their lives to it. Seeking out rare cacao and transforming it into the best possible chocolate.

And Cacaosuyo’s dream is fast becoming reality. We were amazed when we first tasted its two dark chocolate (the Piura and then the Lakuna) and this milk is no exception. But it’s not just us. This Cacaosuyo Piura Milk was awarded won Overall Best Milk Chocolate at the World Final of the International Chocolate Awards 2015.


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