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Who We Are

We are local artisan producers of traditional Italian inspired salumi. We hand craft our prosciutto crudo, capocollo, lonza (lombo), guanciale, pancetta, cotechino (“muset”), fresh sausage; as well as doing custom meat cutting. Our fresh meat products include custom made sausage recipies, ’nduja, Canadian peameal back loin bacon, breakfast sausage, and fresh salami patties.

Naturally Raised

The minimum standard for the pork that we source from farms in southern Ontario, is 3rd party verified to be humanely treated from farrow to finish, and naturally raised without ever administering antibiotics or growth promotants to the animals. The hogs are fed a 100% vegetarian diet and we ask the farmers to select heavier more mature hogs that are at least 10 to 12 months old. The animals are crate free and have access to pasture where permissible.

Certifed Organic

We also source hogs that are Certified Organic. That means in addition to the standards already mentioned, all feeds have to be non-GMO and the animal is solely pasture raised.

How We Process

The aging process for our whole muscle meat products, only uses sea salt
to preserve and time to air dry the meat. We never use phosphates, nitrates, nitrites orany other chemical preservative in our processes. Our products also remain gluten & lactose free.

When we know the product to be ready, it is selected from our aging rooms and prepared for final packaging for the customers’ enjoyment.

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