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The 2017 harvest, blessed with optimal growing conditions, lent itself to an approachable and well-balanced edition of To’ak Chocolate, subtly hitting on all of the signature flavor notes (fruit, flowers, nutty and woody) associated with heirloom Nacional cacao. A celebration of coastal Ecuadorian terroir.

Nose: Faintly floral with green grass and hints of fresh eucalyptus.

Palate: Pistachio, orange bitters, and buttery chocolate on the opening, acidic red fruits (cranberry, redcurrant) on the mid-palate, transitioning to black cherry, dried plums, and hints of espresso on the back-end.

Finish: Fresh oak and subtle notes of toffee and honey.

Pairing Recommendations:

As always, sweet fortified wines like Port and Pedro Ximenez sherry work well. Zacapa 23 rum, triple-distilled Irish whiskey, and sherry-finished single malt Scotch whisky are also good pairing partners. Bowmore 1965, a fascinating Islay single malt, paired particularly well with this edition. In the realm of cheeses, we recommend Gruyère, Comté, aged Gouda, and Brie.

Ingredients: 76% Cacao beans, cane sugar

Variety: Heirloom Nacional

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