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The scotch cured cold smoked salmon is made the same way as the signature cold smoked salmon but with the addition of scotch during the curing process to add a peaty flavour that matches excellently with the smoke flavour.

An 8 year Laphroaig is the based blended scotch.

- no artificial preservatives
- no artificial flavours
- always hand carved

Choose from the signature smoked salmon, beet & horseradish, pastrami smoked salmon, peppered smoked salmon or cajun smoked salmon.

All  the salmon made for Creeds is sourced from Canadian sources which have a 4 star BAP certification at a minimum.

There is no use of artificial preservatives, flavours or colours.

The signature smoked salmon is smoked over our own blend of Hickory, Cherry and Alder wood. 

Vacuumpacked & Frozen to preserve freshness

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