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Cacaosuyo is a chocolate maker with a simple mission: to make the best chocolate in Peru. That’s a lofty ambition, but the Cacaosuyo team have devoted the last three years of their lives to it. Seeking out rare cacao and transforming it into the best possible chocolate.

Cacaosuyo’s Quinoa Milk Chocolate marks a departure for this Peruvian maker.  While both the Piura Select and the Lakuna bars are both wonderfully smooth, this bar unites two of Peru’s greatest natural products – cacao and quinoa – to produce a marvellously rich milk chocolate with a very definite crunch.

We love the idea of uniting these two truly Peruvian foods, and although the thought of a quinoa chocolate might seem odd at first this is a bar where the whole is most definitely greater than sum of its parts.  This really is a bar of contrasts, the wonderfully rich milk chocolate has an unrefined, almost fudgy quality while the sharp pieces of roasted quinoa give the bar a distinctly malted crunch.

Altogether, this bar is a must try for the adventurous milk chocolate lover, who likes with bars to have more than a little crunch.


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